From 2010 to the present, I have been involved in a variety of projects as an audio engineer, primarily as a mix engineer. The following examples are selected works that I have mixed or engineered, not including music of my own which can be found at Music. My work has mostly been conceived and executed in a DIY environment, and I've developed a bunch of useful skills and sensibilities as a result.

Ian Davis: Rock Band - Passing Phase

Mix and Mastering Engineer

Ian is one of the greats. I'm proud and honored to have worked on this album. It started with giving mix feedback, and ended up mixing and mastering the whole thing. I also sing backups on one of the songs. Woo!

Renata Zeiguer - Faraway Business

Mastering Engineer

Renata Zeiguer make some of the best music in NYC, period. It was an honor to work on this short and wonderful EP

witchduck - witchduck

Producer, Mix Engineer

witchduck is the project of Jason Burger, a prolific and extremely talented drummer and friend. The album was written and recorded entirely in his apartment. I helped him sort through all the material, played a few instruments, edited, and mixed the album. This is the first album project on which I have made extensive use of the analog tools I have built.

Nate Terepka - Sunshine Farms

Mix Engineer

Nate Terepka is a founding member of the band Zula and wrote and recorded an excellent solo album called Sunshine Farm. I mixed the three tracks here. You can and should listen to the whole thing here.

Half Waif - Probable Depths

Mix Engineer

Nandi Plunkett and Zubin Hensler created this incredible album, recording it in a house in Massachussetts, and brought me on to mix it. I reflects both of their sensibilities very nicely, and was a puzzle to mix. The song Turn Me Around was awarded "best new music" by Pitchfork.

Half Waif - Form/a

Mix Engineer

On the heels of Probable depths above, Nandi recorded form/a, which was handed off to Zubin for additional production. Zubin brought me in at the end to put finishing touches on the mixes. Some mixes were very close, and some I ended up dramatically de- and re-constructing.

Andy Clausen - Shutter Volume 1

Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Andy is a composer, tombonist, and founding member of The Westerlies. He wrote this music, put together the ensemble, and recorded it. I mixed and mastered.

Hannah Epperson - UPSWEEP (Iris)

Mix Engineer

I was brought on at the very end of the mix process to make some delicate finalizing touches on the tracks included here - a role somewhere between mix and mastering engineer. I used Compressor 01 on the lead vocal tracks. These five tracks are the second half of the album. You can listen to the whole thing here.

Crossing Over

Music Mix Engineer

Zubin Hensler scored this documentary about transgender immigrants living in southern Calfornia, and I mixed it. I also played on and mixed the song "Desde Ayer" which you hear playing on the 'radio in the background' at the 5:12 minute mark, It was a glorious collaborative effort with Zubin, Nick Hakim, and Zoe Mendelson, that was super fun to make.

Feathers+Eyes - Beauty for Ashes

Mix Engineer

An early project, also with Zubin!